Update 2/14/18

I’ve now officially had 2 back to back “Good” days compared to my normal. I’m still having to spend hours per day in a hot tub. But, the increased morning dose of my Neurontin is really keeping the normally out of control nerve pain in check. Unfortunately, the moment I try to get behind a steering wheel or sit in any normal chair I’m hit with extreme discomfort. It’s so hard to feel normal when your body is so far from normal shape. But, I’m grateful for every ounce of relief God gives me!

For the past couple weeks I’ve been dealing with some really odd and random itching. Areas of extreme redness will show up suddenly on my arm or leg and then in just hours not be there. I don’t know what to trace my itching to. The only supplements I’m taking that I never took before is high levels of Calcium and Magnesium. I’m trying to take note of certain patterns to discover the root of my itching. Sadly, my high dosage of Neurontin daily really affects so much of my life. My ability to think clearly, mood swings, and just an overall buzz. But, it works for me in a way nothing else has in the past.

I can easily see why so many people dealing with nonstop pain have turned to anything they could find to get relief. However, what you choose to put into your system could take all of your life away. I pray that I never have to take anything constantly that does not allow me to still know what’s going on  around me. I pray daily for others who deal with chronic pain and the many levels of suffering associated with this battle.

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