A Million Bucks Short


As I write this I’m just tired! Not for sleep, but from physically hurting so long. The roughest moments get harder every time. Especially after I experience just a little momentary relief. Then, my pain comes running back with such a vengeance. You would think someone was unplugging and then plugging  me into an electrical outlet.

I’ve only been home from my earlier doctor’s appointment maybe 6 hours. I’ve spent five out of those 6 in the tub just hoping for things to ease off. It sucks the life right out of me and takes away my ability to enjoy anything. My lower back feels like I’ve been kicked repeatedly or been in a very bad car accident. My hands, legs, and feet are lit up as usual with that same familiar nerve pain. It even occasionally runs into my face.

I do believe I would be willing to sign up for a million dollar loan if I knew money could fix me. However, I know I’m dealing with something only One can fix. And, don’t think for a moment I’ve lost faith in my unlimited God. In fact, apart from that faith I would have long ago gotten high on anything that might temporarily take away the pain. But, that’s not the answer and I know it. The answer is Prayer, Prayer, Prayer and then more Prayer. There are a few things money can buy, but for everything else there is prayer!

“Jesus replied, “This kind can be cast out only by prayer.”
Mark 9:29


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