900 Days And Counting


Many of you reading this can relate to nearly every word I’m about to say. You know what it’s like to feel like your life drastically changed overnight. Whether something happened to you or someone you love dearly. Since that day or you got that news life has been full of daily pain. Sure, some days are better than others but all force your faith into four wheel drive. And, you just like me never saw it coming.

For me, it was over 900 days ago that I experienced a major slip and fall. That life changing event was first witnessed by one man and woman. The young lady in front of me simply said, “Chaplain I believe you just broke your back.” The senior citizen man behind me said, “you know Reverend if that happened to one of us it would have killed us.” Honestly, both were speaking more truth at the time than I realized.

As my doctor once said, “when you took that great fall the dam broke loose in your back.” It wasn’t long before nerve pain would start raging throughout my body. I’m talking there have been many times it’s flooded from my feet to my face. It’s shown it has the power to shut me down physically and emotionally any moment.

The tear in my L5 S1 disc was as big as it could be without causing paralyzation according to my doctor. For over 8 months prior to my first of three surgeries my doctor said it was like having “battery acid” constantly pouring into your body. While surgery repaired the dam the nerve damage has proved to be irreplaceable by man.

Every day is long, painful, and completely life altering. I do praise God that I can still walk, talk, and be around for my family. But, I’m not gonna lie there have been MANY days where my prayers have only been whispers. I’m just exhausted from the battle and still overwhelmed I’m still in this shape over 900 days later at just 43 years of age.

I do truly thank God for this painful bend in the road. It has transformed my relationship with God. It has increased my compassion and understanding towards other people’s pain. I don’t see it as just an accident, but something God is using for greater things. I’ve spent many days just laying on my side with tears rolling down my face. However, it’s been in those countless moments that God has spoken deeply to my heart.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”
Exodus 14:14

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