Dear Younger Me


I figure I’m at least midway through my life. I’ve thought deeply about some things I would tell the younger me. And while I can’t go back and relive any of my past I’m hoping what I’ve learned might help someone just starting out their life journey. These are just a few things that I know now that I wish I knew years ago.

#1 God Has A Plan.
I know those just sound like cute words, but it’s true. You don’t have to create a life. Instead, you need to aim to discover the life God has already created just for you. God has a tailored made plan for who you are to marry, what you are to do, and even where you are to live. You simply need to trust God and allow Him to lead you step by step. He will work out all the details.

#2 Learn From Those Before You.
You don’t have to learn everything the hard way. Yes, we live in different times than before. But, life experience is priceless. Listen to your parent or grandparents. Allow those older to feed you with insight. Learn from their successes and even their failures. Believe it or not they were young once.

#3 Enjoy Your Present Season.
Too many are trying to take the fast lane of life. Don’t be in such a rush to get to a particular destination that will likely disappoint. Enjoy your youth, freedom, and today’s opportunities. Take one day at a time and live life to it’s fullest. Goals are necessary, but don’t let your future goals steal your present joy.

#4 Make Healthy Choices Now.
Too many live carelessly and aimlessly. Seek to build healthy relationships with others.
Learn now how to set healthy life boundaries. Take care of the body God has given you now knowing it’s the body you will live with later. Develop healthy habits now that will lead to a healthier you in the future. Consider deeply what you put into your body and do to your body. The health decisions you make today will affect your health tomorrow.

#5 Read Your Bible.
We live in a world that gets most of its truth from the internet, television and society. The problem with that is we don’t determine what is truth. However, our owner’a manual the Bible reveals the God honest truth. It’s where we discover God’s rules for living and what God says will lead to a successful life. After all, at the end of this life only God’s opinion will matter.

#6 Don’t Be Afraid To Fail.
Your life is gonna be full of ups and downs. And you aren’t going to do things perfectly because we’re all imperfect. Understand that failure is part of the journey. It’s where we grow, learn, and develop. Many of my greatest successes today are because of my failures in the past. You will get knocked down, but God will always pick you back up.

#7 Live Like You’re Dying
Yes, you read that correctly. The younger we are the further we feel away from death’s door. But, life has shown over time that death is no respecter of age. Knowing that our time of death is uncertain should compel us to live with a greater sense of urgency. Am I prepared to face eternity? Is my life focused on things now that will really matter in the end? The Bible says at the end of this life only three things will remain “Faith, Hope, & Love.”

I pray that somewhere in this life reflection I’ve shared something that might help the younger generation. For I do believe that God has amazing plans for you not just later, but right now. Determine to be the best you that God has created you to be.

“Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.”
Proverbs 3:13

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