After A Few Months It’s Back


The fact my nerve pain is really back in rare form started midway through last week. There is an area near your tailbone that once it starts throbbing you know that the extremely pinched nerve is letting you know it’s presence. All I can think is maybe the pain shots I’ve had cover it for a short while or my Neurontin once again has run out of it’s super powers. Either way it’s not a good sign. I will not be getting another shot anytime soon and my next added dose of Neurontin will be the maximum dosage the doctor will give.

Either way it’s really creating a lot of itching in my hands and feet. I don’t know why it’s so much more intense this time. Like the moment I go to sit up in the bed to take my morning meds. So, obviously there is a direct connection between the two. The coccygeal nerve it says affects sitting, leaning and any moment mobility. And it’s where the radiating vibes in your lowe spine originate.

It’s been a few months or more since that area has bothered me. But, I know anytime it does things are getting really bad. It’s been my barometer for my nerve pain for 2 1/2 years. I always know when it’s under control the rest is under control. But, the throbbing how now been back for 5 days and the itching is only getting worse. It’s the kind of itching that is so much deeper than the skin. I’m afraid I will have to entertain more meds if I’m to maintain any activity or maintain sanity. Of course, I’m back in the hot tub for some relief. Somehow hot water calms some of the itching.

“Night pierces my bones; my gnawing pains never rest.”
Job 30:17

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