A Literal Pain In The Butt

backache problems.vector flat cartoon concept illustration of men character design icon. Isolated on white background. Pain in back, ache, hurt, suffering

Got back home a few hours ago from getting my pain shot. Gonna have to ice 20 minutes every hour for sure. They literally injected the shot directly into in the tailbone area to ensure it has a chance to tackle that lower nerve root. It definitely hurt and still hurts a lot more than usual as I’ve never gotten any shots that weren’t just in my lower back. 

At least it gives me a chance at knocking out some area of pain. Of course, it will take up 3 days before it starts helping and up to 14 days before I can expect maximum results. Hardest thing for me the next several days will be dealing with all my pain while not being allowed to soak in a tub. Considering that my biggest normal go to for relief will prove to be quite challenging.

Even right now as I’m laying on my side I just feel so out of sorts. My legs are restless, my body aches, my nerves are still very unsettled and I’m quite irritable. I’ve pretty much been that way since yesterday morning. I hate these moments where every second feels like an hour and you just wish you could be put to sleep until it’s all better. Sadly , there is no quick fix to life’s toughest moments. Father God give me patience, calm my anxieties, and touch my aching body. 

“At least I can take comfort in this: Despite the pain, I have not denied the words of the Holy One.”

(Job 6:10)

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