My Miracle Prayer

B78806F2-810A-4AD8-8F70-6A48E631FFD7It’s 3:30 in the morning with no sleep in sight

I know the pain will end, but it’s still such a fight

Until you lose your health you don’t really know 

What it feels like every second to dread where you go

I’m not asking for self pity or just trying to wallow

I’m just processing my pain that is still hard to swallow 

The days are like nights and the nights are like days

It’s only by God’s grace I’ve made it all of this ways

I know God has a plan and I’ve had moments I smile

But, I’m always afraid I can’t travel one more mile

I’ve waited 1,020 days just hoping to feel better

I’ve cried, I’ve prayed and even written God letters 

Still here I am miserable in ways I cannot explain 

I can see why this kind of hurting can drive anyone insane 

Without the prayers of many, my family and my faith

I would be very fearful of the roads I might take 

Still I know God has a plan for every broken moment 

I’m just trying to stay faithful and not be a disappointment 

So God pick me up again and help me walk through it

Because without your constant grace I know I can’t do it

You’ve never failed me before and I remember that well

Please do such a miracle that even my grand kids will tell

There was once a broken man that doctors said couldn’t heal

Until God came along and His glory was revealed 

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