When The Present Pain Blinds You

I keep desperately wanting to think the worst is behind me. However, my throbbing nerve stricken body is flooding me with doubt. This colder weather is proving to be brutal. My pain is constant throughout my body and I’m miserable. This feeling is not something you ever get used to in life. You just learn how to cope with it better over time.

There is no coincidence this comes on the brink of many awesome things happening. I’ve seen God moving by the minute. I’ve seen God-given dreams becoming reality. God has been so at work in my life and ministry. I was actually feeling the return of momentum that I thought was lost for good. God has been rebuilding my confidence and my comfort had been a little greater.

In the words of a well known song “I can’t fight this feeling any longer.” Eventually this pain just rips your heart out. Especially when nothing seems to faze it apart from total knockout meds. I’m holding on to hope stored from days gone by. I’m seeking to be mindful that this is just one day of misery. Thank God for knowing His past faithfulness. Sometimes it’s the only confidence you have in the present. Hopefully, tomorrow will feel much better.

“I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.(Psalm 9:1)

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