Reflection and Resolve at 44

Each day here on earth goes by so fast.

Surely life is a vapor and just won’t last.

My body fails me daily in fact very often.

Yet, I won’t quit fighting until I see a coffin.

I’m thankful for every struggle that I’ve faced.

I’m learning endurance and amazing grace.

God has proven His faithfulness time and time again.

All I see is why to trust Him from beginning to end.

My life revolves around telling others my story.

How Jesus saved my life so I’m giving Him glory.

I’m a son, brother, husband and even a dad.

I pray my life makes my Heavenly Father glad.

My life may be only beginning and halfway over.

Or my eternal transition is right around the corner.

No matter what I will seek to live each day.

As if my eternal appointment were today.

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