Jesus Wept

My body will not quit vibrating so I’ve had to take an emergency Valium. It’s been continuous even an 1 1/2 hours after shutting off my stimulator. It really stinks in every way. I know it will pass eventually, but it’s got me rattled to my very core once more. I’m being shaken constantly inside like I’m on a bad fair ride that just won’t stop.

When I tell you I never saw this coming that’s an understatement. Satan is trying to make me do more than just throw up. He wants me to feel like I’ve made no progress. He wants me to just give up trying. He wants me to be discouraged, depressed, and destroyed. Sorry satan but I know your tricks all too well.

Tears are rolling down my face once more like they haven’t done since last Thursday. I’m heartbroken, but more just disappointed. Usually this just means I’m overdue for another good cry. After all, God did create every tear that falls from our eyes. If Jesus wept I do believe we have permission to express these heartfelt emotions as well.

“Jesus Wept.” John 11:35

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