To Whom It May Concern

I think it’s very important to clarify that my new diet has not miraculously healed me. I still live a recovery lifestyle morning, day and night. I still watch how much I sleep, exercise, work, and now everything I eat and drink. It’s definitely not a walk in the park. I still deal with daily discomfort. But, my good moments far outweigh my bad ones. I’m discovering a much higher quality of life.

I simply had no idea how much my diet alone could help my nerve wrecked body and actually reduce extreme inflammation. In fact, most people’s diet increases their inflammation. Caffeine and sugar alone are like throwing flaming arrows into anything that is already struggling within your body. In ways I don’t even understand, but have observed firsthand. Much of what we call “normal” foods were never meant for healthy bodies. And, if you’re already struggling with other issues you don’t need to create further issues.

Honestly, if I had not long ago reached my breaking point. I would have never given up the banana pudding, carrot cake and processed foods lifestyle. I journaled my life practically everyday the past 4 plus years trying to discover things I could do to help my nerve wrecked body. Many times my body crashed after just a few cups of black coffee alone. I thought “Little Debbies” were my friends. But, after getting an absolute sugar high I would be suffering for days because my increased pain brought me to an even lower low. Just back to back nights of one cup of ice cream has made me feel deathly ill by the 3rd day.

Now, if my nerve damage was not so extensive I may have never registered this food related issue this early. But, if it can affect the body my nerves will let me hear about it quickly. It was only after I really stayed away from foods that have proven to create havoc in the human body that I realized my diet was killing my chances of any quality life. So, everything I share comes after a lot of sleepless nights and too much unnecessary pain.

The good news is you can control what you eat. And, if you’ve suffered long enough like me you should be willing to do anything that could change things. My longevity of pain has given me a huge compassion for those in pain. So, I plan to live the rest of my life sharing anything I have learned that can help. Anyone who thinks I’m just being radical just hasn’t gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired. Brokenness will eventually create openness.

Anyone wanting to read more about my story and steps forward can visit my site. There is well over 1000 articles written under the “Faith Walking” category alone. Everything in that section is about me dog paddling my way by faith through what has felt like a nightmare most of the time. Now, I’m believing that God has allowed my pain so I can help others through their pain. I don’t write a lot of things on my personal FB page about my health issues because I know many don’t like to hear about misery. But, those who live in misery are very interested in others who can identify and offer hope. For that you can follow my Faith Walking page on Facebook as well.

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