My Pain Tribe Understands

Here I am wrapping up the ending of another blessed birthday. All I feel like doing is getting some desperately needed rest. Yet, God is telling me it’s these times especially I need to write something to share. In fact, I need to say what anyone who battles with chronic pain already knows. Pain doesn’t care what the occasion, it comes and goes whenever it pleases.

I pretty much rested in my bed the entire day. I was hoping that approach would strengthen my body and mind before tonight’s birthday gathering. However, my body just wouldn’t cooperate with my wishes. My pain has been constant all day long. And, it has only increased by the hour throughout the evening.

For those who can identify you know the disappointment it brings with it. In fact, you even feel the disappointment it brings others around you. You’re not trying to complain or be the grumpiest person at the party. However, you just can’t hide certain levels of pain. Eventually, it exposes you in every possible way.

So, once I got home later tonight. I did what I’ve had to do so much the past few weeks. I soaked in a hot tub full of epsom salt. I’ve been battling physically, mentally and emotionally all evening. No matter how hard I tried there was nothing I could do to run away the pain.

Laying here on my side just waiting on my muscle relaxers to help me rest. Fortunately, I know I’m back on track when it comes to my own personal recovery choices. I know from lots of experience that better days will come. Yet, any time you feel this way on your birthday it naturally plays with your mind. It just further confirms that your pain has changed your life. But, time has proven by faith you will always make it through the day.

This was my first birthday without my dad living on earth. Man, he had to be helped by God to smile so much at last year’s birthday celebration. And, if I were talking to my dad right now about my pain. I can hear his voice saying the following. “Son, that’s just the way life is sometimes. Sometimes the only strength you can depend on is His strength.” Okay dad, I will continue to take your advice.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

*The pic below is dad at my birthday party just 2 1/2 months before his earthly departure to Heaven.

2 Comments on “My Pain Tribe Understands”

  1. Craig I admire your strength and love reading your blog. I always s remember you as a funny classmate, and you were always very kind with a big smile. Your spirit still shines thru!

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  2. Craig, your life was supplied and strengthened by Steve & Helen Crosby! They “brought you into the world” and sincerely sought to nourish and give you all you truly needed. It’s very evident in how you speak of your Dad and Mom.

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