Lord Help My Unbelief

I really don’t want to make this post right now. Especially, since I know I’m once again in a very low place. But, I’m trusting God’s greater plans. Many of you know I’ve battled a long time with major chronic pain. Well, for some reason that battle has returned and hopefully only stays a little while.

Anyone who has found themselves lying in a bed of pain and uncertainty can relate to my present feelings. Even though I’ve seen miracle after miracle my heart still ponders the “what next”. This intense pain in my lower back is way too familiar. The nerve pain it pours throughout my body knocks the air out of my sails. I find myself praying harder and having to trust God bigger.

Major health issues can be very frightening. Especially when healing usually takes time. Remember, God can heal you and ultimately has the final say about you. These are easy words to say, but it takes faith to believe healing will come. So, here I am again Lord trusting you. I will do all that I can while trusting you for everything I can’t.

I’ve already kicked my anti-inflammatory diet into four wheel drive a few days ago. I’ve been resting my body as much as possible the last few days. I’m getting my spinal cord stimulator adjusted this week asap. I’m asking each of you to pray for my breakthrough healing once again. Also, know I’m praying for you too!

“I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

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