God Has His Reasons

There’s no denying that certain levels of adversity get the wheels churning in your mind. Trust me, I’ve experienced it firsthand so many times. All day long I’ve been in the vice grips of pain and discomfort. The only comfort I can find physically is when I’m sleeping or in the tub. Unfortunately, I’ve been wide awake all day long just waiting for bedtime.

In the meantime, I’ve just been trying to win the battle going on in my mind. This pain has taken me back in time to a very dark season. And, while the devil seeks to use this season as proof that I’m far from healed. God keeps telling me to reflect back on all He has done before.
The devil seeks to scream out words like hopeless and it’s always gonna be this way. God keeps saying just hold on another breakthrough is on the way. Remember, when you thought that the last time.

Now, I’m believing that God will not waste my pain. I’m believing that me choosing to share my battle will help someone else through their battle. Sometimes, life just knocks you down and leaves you barely breathing. Your prayers become whispers. In fact, you have to rely on the prayers of others because you can barely pray.

While I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed any part of this misery. I can say I feel God’s strength rising within me. I can feel the genuine prayers of others who care about me. Now, I’ve just got to keep holding on to the hope that will come from those prayers. Thanks from the bottom of my heart if you’ve prayed for me at any time. Trust me my story is far from over.

Sometimes, I believe we just have to be reminded of our brokenness. We may think we have overcome something. Then, God reminds us He has just been holding us together the whole time. It’s like we all take turns in tough seasons. Yet, for any believer we know we always have hope and God always has a purpose.

Hopefully, here shortly I will get another great night of sleep. Tomorrow at noon I will be getting my spinal cord stimulator adjusted. There’s definitely a lot of electricity running through my body. Sudden sounds and movement without warning flood nerve pain from me feet into my face. I know things are just very out of whack and I’m sure they can be settled down once again.

I do want to say that my wife is a complete angel. She has carried me so many times through similar valleys. She basically helps me with anything possible all the time. From filling my tub to fixing me the next anti-inflammatory meal. Tonight’s meal was the best combo yet on the taste buds. She fixed salmon, Brussel Sprouts and fresh pineapple. This concludes day 3 of nothing but healthy eating and drinking. God bless you all and whatever you may be facing yourself. Goodnight 🙏

“O Lord, you have sent this storm upon him for your own good reasons.” Jonah 1:14

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