Another God Made Day

Well, the prayers must be working because I’ve had no meltdowns today. I’ve also been doing everything I know to keep things under control. When things get this way I’ve learned every strategy matters. If I’ve got to stay in my bed longer that’s what must happen. If I’ve got to soak in a tub for hours that’s what must happen. If I’ve got to watch everything I eat that’s what must happen.

Today, I just shortened my day and worked from home. That allowed me the strength to facilitate a funeral today. That allowed me the ability to go and celebrate my niece’s 18th birthday. After all if you can’t be there for your own family you shouldn’t be ministering all the time to others. I’ve just been very grateful overall with today.

I have found that keeping my battery operated heating pads constantly on underneath my shirt has been a life saver. Seems as long as I keep that surgical spot heated it usually keeps me sane. Praise God, I will be getting my spinal cord stimulator adjusted by a professional tomorrow at noon. Early this morning I did turn my unit back up to what used to keep things under control. That could’ve contributed to some of my pain improvement I experienced later today. But, I know I’ve still got to get things checked.

Now, I will spend another evening in the tub. But, I’m very grateful for God’s new mercies each day. Things could be so much worse for me. Even amidst all the squirming my pain creates within me. I know how much more hope I have today compared to years before. So, God keep taking me by the hand and leading the way. Use every ounce of my pain for your glory. Hopefully, y’all will hear much less from me about my discomfort in the days to come.

“As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who had been blind from birth. “Rabbi,” his disciples asked him, “why was this man born blind? Was it because of his own sins or his parents’ sins?”

“It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him.” John 9:1-3

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